our mission

At TableTalk,℠ we believe in celebrating every young adult's unique voice. If every young adult's unique voice is heard, shared, and valued, then we can unify the world. We aim to empower young adults to create new avenues for meaningful conversation and connection through intentional leadership development. Today’s world is broken up into echo chambers of like minded individuals, both on and offline, and TableTalk℠ hopes to break open these echo chambers through creative content, curriculum, and community.


our history

The TableTalk℠ concept was created in 2013 by Ami Fields-Meyer and Adam Goldstein and soon after, TableTalk℠ was evolved by Sophie Beren. During their first years in college, Ami, Adam, and Sophie noticed that they were spending most of their time with people who shared their race, religion, and family tax-bracket.

Most students tended toward an unspoken self-segregation. The classroom’s unrestrained exchange of ideas didn’t follow them onto the Quad, or into dining halls. So in the Fall of 2013, Ami and Adam hatched TableTalk℠ Emory. The TableTalk℠ model soon spread, first to the University of Pennsylvania where Sophie then transformed the organization into a Global movement now adopted by 60+ schools.

TableTalk℠ continues to grow and is now expanding to high schools as well as universities. We hope to continue creating meaningful connection and conversation on campuses worldwide!


our vision

TableTalk℠ envisions a world in which college and high school students and community members alike can naturally create an inclusive, vibrant campus community, through increased connection and conversation. We believe that TableTalk℠ can transform the higher education space by uniquely bridging religious, racial, cultural, and geographical gaps that permeate our society.


our team


Let us help you navigate the difficult conversations in your life. Download part one of our eight part series today!