it's that simple!

Let's get your TableTalk℠ chapter started TODAY! All you have to do is reach out to us! Our team could not be more excited to talk you through the process of starting your own TableTalk℠ chapter. We will tell you everything you need to know! So go ahead - send us an email!

we want your creativity

Let's figure it all out together! We want to be the most effective resource for you to impact YOUR school. Let's identify your passions, your visions, and even your frustrations to come up with a game plan to customize your TableTalk℠ chapter. We are ready to help you every step of the way to implement your creativity and bring your ideas to life!

here are 5 easy steps to starting your tabletalk℠ chapter

1. send us a message!

Email us, Facebook message us, DM us on Instagram or Twitter – whichever method of communication is easiest for you! Make initial contact with us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to #startheconversation. In your message, please include:

• Your name

• Your school

• Your favorite thing to talk about!

2. do some research

Grab a piece of paper! Answer these questions and jot down some notes about your school. This will help us identify where TableTalk℠ will be able to make the most impact.

• What do you love the most about your school?

• What are a few areas that you would like to improve?

• How would you define your school’s culture?

• What stands out to you most?

• How do students currently connect on campus?

Once you have a grasp on what you are the most passionate about, browse our initiatives page and check out the various ways to bring TableTalk℠ to your school. We can work with you on your model but jot down some notes before our phone call!

3. spread the word

The key to changing the culture on your campus simply comes down to familiarizing others with TableTalk℠. Follow these three steps and you’ll be well on your way to normalizing conversation and connection on campus!

1. Start your Facebook page and your Instagram, Twitter accounts!

2. Send emails to your friends, classmates, teachers, and faculty!

3. Circulate flyers and posters throughout your school!

4. purchase a starter kit

Head on over to our store page to pick between our different starter kits. Reach out to your school’s administration and other funding resources on campus to help fund your purchase. This kit will give you all of the physical resources you need to launch your TableTalk℠ chapter!

What comes in our starter kit?

• Our TableTalk℠ Global starter guide

• Awesome TableTalk℠ swag

• A couch for CampusCouches

• And so much more!

5. host your first event

Go for it! Don’t be nervous. Simply grab your friends, pick an initiative, and plan your first evenTT according to this easy advice:

• Pick one of the TableTalk initiative – for example: CampusCouches

• Pick a date and a time for the event

• Reserve and finalize a space on campus

• Spread the word through emails, social media, and flyers

• Launch the event and take lots of photos


Throw what you know!

Get familiar with the TableTalk℠ hand sign! It's our national symbol to #jointheconversation℠. Go ahead! Grab a friend, give it a try.



Let us help you navigate the difficult conversations in your life. Download part one of our eight part series today!