Our Story

Table Talk at Home maintains the high standards of it's retired parent brand, while staying up to date with trends in home decor, finding the latest kitchen tools and gadgets, and getting you the gifts you didn't know you needed to give. We work with vendors from around the world and right here at home; we love our import pieces, but are very proud of our American made products and those produced here in Tucson. Our goal is to provide our guests with quality options in a boutique department store setting.   
Table Talk at Home evolved from a 40 year old Tucson original brand, Table Talk. In 1976, Bob & Dale Mayerfeld continued a family tradition by opening their own storefront in the Broadway Village on east Broadway Blvd. The original concept was, and continues to be, to source and sell quality products, from the mundane to the gourmet.
Within a few years, furniture began to make an appearance on the sales floor in the form of small kitchen tables and chairs. From there, the tables began moving up in size to include formal dining table options, and buffets or servers. After the dining room was filled, why not continue on into to rest of the home?

After nearly three decades and a variety of store locations around Tucson and Phoenix, the Mayerfelds opened a new concept store.

May of 2004 saw the unveiling of Table Talk at Home in the plaza at Oracle & Magee. Combining the gourmet kitchen shop with hardwood furniture for the dining room, comfortable upholstery for the living room, and hand-made beds for the bedroom created an opportunity to help our guests develop their houses into homes for their families.