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playlist 4/20/12

Today’s playlist began with picks from the guests who were into your carry-on that was forced to make an emergency landing after birds flew into the engine: offer Cardone and CNN’s own Ali Velshi. Ali’s music, “holding out For a Hero” by using Bonnie Tyler, Topped from all the show. It was pursued by Grant’s pick,.

Panelist Hank Sheinkopf chose The song was in actual fact recorded by the 1960s band The Great Society, But found success with Jefferson aircraft, geting to 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rolling Stone has the song at 274 on their list of 500 Greatest Songs for all time.

medical professional. Alicia Salzer also joined the panel today and played two songs from her signature bank playlist. The first was a White Stripes original that was initially called “Fell gets interested a Girl, during 2007, Rolling Stone called warriors one of the forty songs that changed the world.

Soledad awarded Dr. Salzer the award for best song choices throughout the day after hearing her second choice,. The song was a great fit for the film it was featured in, The Devil has on Prada. But Tunstall said in an enjoyment Weekly [url=]spanish babes[/url] interview, “The song is very about the photograph of Patti Smith on the cover [url=]hot spanish girls[/url] of Horses. I didn realize the lyrics could seamlessly fit a chick flick,

Zoraida Sambolin gave you the headlines today, And her song choice was The song is also referred to as “Loba” To those in Spanish speaking close to. Shakira mentions the she wolf as her alter ego, in order to Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce. She said in a job interview, “many people you screw up, a person will say, ‘It is not me, That was the she wolf that was animal in me, That weren’t me, I don’t have anything to do with that,

you’ll find, Will Cain added a little country flavor to the playlist with the The song was part of an album that was a step to the backlash the group felt after singer Natalie Maines made negative comments about President George W. rose bush. It was largely ignored by country radio but ended up winning the group three of their five Grammy awards that year.

Three of Soledad’s favorite songs finished up this morning’s playlist. The first came to be, Which has developed into a common theme song in the wake of disasters like 9/11 and the tsunami in Japan.

transforming gears completely, Soledad picked and closed with the nyc anthem.

Man inspires written by forgiving the drunk driver who killed his family

In may perhaps possibly 2005, Gary Weinstein wife with his two young sons were killed by a drunk driver in Farmington Hills, the state of michigan. While forgiving the man responsible for his family death is not what you might expect, That what usually Gary Weinstein decided to do, Inspiring the documentary film Forgive. The written, People share their endures with forgiveness. gary Weinstein and Shawne Duperon, can be producer, Join today to discuss the project.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly on how a new lead and advanced equipment could bring closure to 30 year old Etan Patz case

All this morning, We been reporting on remedy for paralysis break in the disappearance of Etan Patz, A story that captured the media attention 33 years ago.

The six year old vanished without a trace from his home in the big apple on May 25th, 1979, do not have single shred of physical evidence. your situation had gone cold.


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